Monday 25 May 2015

Midwinter Stonehenge

As much as I rant about the ugly clothes designs of the 1970's, I am constantly drawn to innovative 1970's china patterns, and the Midwinter range personifies all the "good stuff" about the era and I was lucky enough to buy an 8 place set plus additional items of the "Earth" pattern recently.

Midwinter Stonehenge came in many designs, most notably creation, sun, moon earth, night and day. With similar base colour they were made to work in conjunction with each other.

Well named, the Earth pattern is well... earthy.

With the studio hand-crafted look of the organic brown stripes and rustic rough edges, it has iron specks in the oatmeal coloured body glaze and structured straight sides with chunky handles.

 Each piece looks unique.

Roy Midwinter headed up the Midwinter pottery in the 1950's and 1960's and introduced a number of innovative styles such as Stylecraft, Fashion and Fine shapes. But, by 1968 the business got into financial strife and had merged with Meakin, and by 1970 Wedgwood owned both brands.

He still managed the brand and launched Stonehenge in 1973 with the Earth design by Eve Midwinter and others by Jessie Tait.

Earth was discontinued in 1982.

This set and other Midwinter are for sale in the Vintage Treasure online shop,  patterns include Sienna, Stylecraft, Modern, Fashion and Fine Tableware.

Summer pattern

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