Wednesday 28 December 2011

Picnic time... luxury or easy to create a unique look

I love summer and eating outside, picnics are wonderful lazy times and its so easy to make them memorable with a few special items, and of course stylish vintage items are the best look ever and wont break the bank.

If money is no object then you can go the "luxury" way and buy a fully loaded picnic basket a la Brexton. This beauty was made in England and has bright red bakelite lids on the storage jars, two thermos flasks and painted red tins for food. The plates are china and also branded Brexton as are the bone handle knives and the forks.
Complete in the original basket the only things to have suffered are a lost cup and a cracked cup.

If I had a vintage car and went to rallies with my 50's gear on this would be the basket for my tail gate party!
$285 SOLD

However it is often fun and a lot less expensive to make up your own beautiful basket and of course you are then you are only limited by your imagination.

Lidded, hinged, open and big, or even a big old wash basket can be fun when filled with picnic linen, china and goodies.

Baskets range from $18 - $55

It is always been a good idea to keep a blanket in the car - but what about keeping a nice little soft wool rug and then you can stop at any location and have a comfortable base for your picnic.

The little wooden "tool box" is a great food or china carrier in green, and natural wood at $40. Also keep the kids toys tidy and they can carry their own.

If you use silver plate goblets for you favourite tipple you'll have no worries about broken glass $18 - $22 each.

Take along a book you've been waiting to start and the picnic could last all day! Sara Gay Model Girl $9 is worth taking along just for the cover!

Lovely crisp linen or cotton napkins $5 each are a must and so handy to wrap up the cutlery or pad the breakables in the basket.

Old embroidery also adds a lovely style to outdoor eating.

Table cloths from $15 tray cloths and napkins from $5.

A crisp fresh picnic with bright cheerful melamine "china" so light and easy to carry and yet lovely to use a set for two with small jug and bowl $19.

Plastic wine glasses $5 each also help with the weight issue if you are walking a way.

The lidded basket holds lots of goodies for $20.

Add a bright yellow open weave cotton cloth $12 and you are all set.

Colourful plastic handles of this cheap and cheerful cutlery add to the casual picnic feeling $1 each.

Keep all the picnic cutlery (buy odd old Sheffield pieces $1 - $12) in a dedicated basket and you are ready to take off on the slightest hint of a packed lunch and screw top bottle of wine sunny field and shady tree or vineyard!

This great blue check blanket to keep handy for when the picnic bug takes you. All cotton and $35.

Why not have some style with this silver plate ice bucket $55 and crisp white cotton napkins $5 each.
Coupe champagne flutes are a must for a retro bubbles stop in the hills, plain or etched, and sometimes hollow stem available $8 - $12

Forget the boring old plastic containers use old chocolate or biscuit tins for your food - they wont get squashed and the tins add lovely colour to the setting $5 - $18

The lovely vintage red handle basket carries everything you'll need $22

Either keep it cool or keep it hot with this large thermos  - the "Air Pot" pump flask is $25, holds plenty for the crowd, very pretty flower decoration and still in the original box.

The aztec inspired pattern on this small mat is fun, mats like this are easy to keep in the car and add comfort to any  rustic seating at $18.

Flip handle lidded basket  $25 is perfect for picnic settings be they  on a trip or even in your own garden!

The elegant basket weave pattern white mugs are Royal Worcester china  Sommerset pattern $25 each.

...and every picnic needs easy reading  material , old antique magazines $2 are a great way to while away the hours or browse old Cuisine, Royal Family, House and Garden and others at $1 each. 
A large open basket works well to carry all you'll need, this vintage green painted one is so nice and costs $22.

Bring along an elegant lace tablecloth $18 - $45 to add a touch of glamour.

Delicate painted cushions would be great to soften the seat on any hard rocks or meadows - $8 each

Retro thermos at $22 is by Vacco and has a nice wide mouth for chunky ice or cold cocktails.

Bring the crystal or buy odd crystal glasses $8 - $22 which look very cool together and everyone will remember which glass is theirs!

So, all in all - why don't you start collecting a few pieces together and keep them handy in the trunk of the car for when the mood hits you and picnic time is easy! If you want to purchase any of these items or similar ones email me

The best place for a picnic = the Wairarapa any place any time

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  1. When I was young, my mom used to let us have picnic lunches on Saturdays after the Saturday morning cartoons were over. They were simple, and probably consisted of sandwiches and a drink on a blanket in the living room, but I remember them fondly. She had prepared them with Italian ceramics.