Sunday 11 September 2011

Brown Betty Tea Pots - friends for life!

Is there a more traditional tea pot than the Brown Betty? They are so lovely, comforting and friendly. They fit almost every situation, the round bulbous body made for the perfect brew, the leaves having room to swirl for the appropriate amount of time. Or is it their red clay that makes for the best cuppa?
The rich deep brown glaze is known as Rockingham glaze and underneath is a red terracotta type clay. I know there are new brown teapots still being made but they are, well, boring looking! These are all vintage but I'd say never used as they are still shiny inside. They are all a bit "rough round the edges" with an odd missed spot in the glaze, adding to the character of each one. None have any damage.
A lady in shop yesterday reminded me of other quirky things about these teapots that brought back memories of my Grandma's house - remember the little rubber spouts that were always tea stained, and also the rubber connections with a metal spout at the end.

I have four such lovelies in the shop at the moment:

Base marked with a thick triangle and L B Patent Made in England. Lid marked Made in England
The baby of the group standing just 8.5cms tall good for a couple of cups I'm sure.
Rich deep brown all over with a sunken flat lid.

Base marked LB in a triangle, Patented England. Lid marked Made in England 6 and 50
How about this for a sensible looking tea pot.
15cms to the top of the proud standing lid.
This one has a hint of blue and a cream rim.

$55 SOLD
This is my favourite the most rotund, it is great to hold.
Base marked Made in England
13cms across and 15cms tall.
The lid has a round finial and has a very deep seating.
Yummy orange and turquoise blotchy stripes you just want to cuddle it!

$65 SOLD

Base marked with the triangle and LB Patented England. Lid marked England 10
The big daddy of the pack at 17cms tall.
The broad shoulder is a motley toffee colour.


Oh go on - you don't even have to like tea to want to share your kitchen with these guys, they'll be friends for life! If you want more information email me

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