Monday 28 November 2011

Cufflinks cuff links or cuff-links

I don't know any more... it used to be plain old one word "cufflinks" when I was young, now it is cuff links or even cuff-links! From a survey of three customers in the shop today cufflinks is it. Still we all know what we are talking about.

Living in a village selected as a wedding destination for lots of people from out of the area I have had many best-men, fathers-of-the-bride and guests drive up in the limo and run into the shop, arms waving, shirt sleeves flapping, yelling "help...I need cufflinks, I need cufflinks now".

I usually keep an interesting stock of vintage cufflinks in the shop but recently I was able to buy a large selection from an enthusiast and then before I could turn around another load arrived. So, do I have any cufflinks - OH YEAH!

Great for gifts, Christmas, birthdays anniversary or buy your own and get what you really want! Easy to pack and send and to treasure for ever, yes, he'll think of you each time he puts them on, how sweet! Vintage cufflinks were not unique when they were made, but it is less likely now that anyone has the same pair that you buy - I have no two pairs that are alike and I am looking at over 50 pairs right now.

Here is a sample of some, they range from $15 to $45 and so email me if you want more info, and of course these are easy to mail I'm happy to send a PayPal invoice.

Classic gold, you cant go wrong with these lovlies.

Look at the ones on the far right - they are gorgeous things made by "Swank" and in the shape if little books, oh wow!
These are all soft brushed silver and very classy for a "special event" but also work well for business.

The far left ones are by Anton.
Middle ones are Swank
Far right have a makers mark of a Crown and W.B.
Add some colour...

The large blue ones have a makers mark of an M in a circle

The green ones are Swank...of course they ooze style
For a larger statement look at these biggies...

The round ones with the wave effect are Swank, they look a bit dark in the photo but are a rich gold colour

The square ones measure 2cms across and are by an unknown maker
For the golfer in him little silver coloured bags of clubs.

or the trekkie... very Kirk looking!
Mother of pearl is so cool and great for him or her - so share

...and teamed with gold they look great

Some black and gold options for the fun Knight in Shining Armour in your life or serious bling celebrations

Serious retro wood and brushed silver

so that is a little selection email me for orders or watch my facebook shop for specials.

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