Saturday 29 September 2012

100% Pure - Vintage NZ Wool Blankets

I can't remember the colour of the blankets I had on my bed as a child growing up in England.. probably plain pink or plain cream... I just don't remember.
Now, if I had grown up in New Zealand - I am sure I would have remembered exactly what pattern I had as they are fabulous colours and designs and immediately recognizable as great NZ made 100% wool, even though there are a multitude of colour combinations you'd know just which ones were your own special "blankeys".

Feast your eyes on these cuddly examples.

I have been lucky enough to buy a large group of gorgeous examples, fabulous colours and most in great condition.

Some are even in un-opened wrappers so "as new".

I have pairs in the same packaging with no wear through to odd sections that are perfect for crafts.

Please don't admit to me if you intend to cut up the 'as new' ones my delicate heart couldn't take it!

The brand names are so evocative of a snuggly nights sleep or a curl up in a corner with a good book -

Debut by OnehungaWoollens
Mini-check exclusive to Smith and Brown
Kaiapoi Huia
Golden Ram (whoops this one was actually made in England)
Royal Wool Blankets
Shepherd Cosy wool
Bruce and the great named...
The other name I especially like is "Holeproof Warm Weave" from Holeproof Mills, Auckland!
The Napier brand has Pania of the Reef which is very cool...
For an interesting history of NZ wool which originally was shipped to the UK for processing then ..."New Zealand’s first woollen mills were built in 1871 in the South Island – at Mosgiel and Kaikorai in Otago. These were followed by mills in Kaiapoi (1879), Roslyn (1879), ŇĆamaru (1881) and Ashburton (1885). The North Island followed with mills in Onehunga, Napier, WhanganuiWanganui and Petone." see the The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

So re-use them as your favourite blankey for today for your bed or the couch, the quality is great and they will certainly last for further generations.

Although some people are getting a bit more creative with of my favourite very clever artistic people is the local Wairarapa gal, Emma from Emma Makes just see her lovely bags
and I hear more exciting things on the way, fabulous things continue to come from the Wairarapa!
and while I continue to have delusions of creativity, I've never made a thing. So, for more creative items I love these from Sprout Handmade Toys available from House of Hedone in Auckland.
For more toys...

 to hottie-warmers from other creative Kiwis see my new Pinterest board. Thanks to the encouragement of Karen of Its Quite Cool Gelateria I am now an avid 'Pinner' with an addiction for pinning cool things and chocolate hazelnut gelato!

Anyway, back to blankets....
Lots of colours - lots of quality and some for crafts ranging from $25 - $85 available in store and online. Click here for OnlineVintageTreasure

And a word about today...
there are still manufacturers in New Zealand, for example  New Zealand Wool Blankets Ltd making great new colours and styles and so future generations can enjoy NZ made blankets - good on 'em creating cuddly joy for new generations!


  1. Do you still have the blankets?

  2. Hi there
    Only a few remaining, you can see them in the Online Shop

  3. Hello
    Thanks but I am not buying any more at the moment. Thanks