Wednesday 4 April 2012

Cabs - no, not cabernets... cabochons!

Cabs mmm yum, I know, I live in the lovely and famous wine growing area of the Wairarapa and I love to sample the harvest on a regular basis, but when I talk about cabs, I don't mean the liquid kind... I mean the glass kind.
I was lucky enough to be around when a local jewellery shop had a clean out of their back room and sale of their vintage glass "findings". Most came in envelopes marked "Made in Western Germany" or "Imitation jewellery - Made in Japan". They must be at least 60 years old, I am sure.
Anyway I kept them for a while and tinkered with the idea of a new line called "Vintage Redesigned" where I would use them and various pieces of broken jewellery to re-make unique items. Yes, great ideas, no time.
I have created some items but realise that I have plenty to share around and so now lovely selection of glass cabochons, gems, plastic cabs, and odd little treasures are for sale.
These are the first items I put on my NEW on-line shop you can find it at VINTAGE TREASURE ON-LINE SHOP!

These glass beauties are facetted, domed and have a lustre finish. Some are round and some oval. I think they would originally have been made into clip earrings. They look lovely in a bezel on a necklace, or a loop fitting can be attached to the back and then added to charm bracelets.
A bezel and brooch attachment is all that is required to make a stunning brooch.
The back has a dome for gluing the finding.
Round ones are 3cms across
Oval ones are 2.8cms x 2.1cms
Haven't cracked how to make rings but sure some-one could!

Round glass cabs with a flat back and foiled back are smaller at 1.8cms x 1.3cms and come in a selection of colours. Easy to attach, rings, earrings, decorate a picture frame or mirror or even your wellies!

Pearl colour finish on glass, these fittings are lovely and heavy in both smooth finish and my favourite the baroque finish come in all sizes and shapes and can be used with jewellery caps for great earrings and charms.

Or be ultra creative and decorate a purse or candle stick.
Small or large they are lovely to add to your creation for a touch of luxury.

Let me know colours and styles and I can always make up a selection for you.

Happy crafting.

... and don't forget Vintage Treasure On-line Shop now OPEN 24/7!

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