Thursday 25 August 2011

Vintage New Zealand Woman's Weekly

I've been lucky enough to have obtained a number of vintage Woman's Weekly, mostly from 1963 and 1964 with a few earlier and later. I love all vintage magazines as they give me a great insight to the age of the costume jewellery I have in the shop and... I can oggle the fashions, read how the perfect housewife should be acting and laugh at the advertisements!
I'm going to give you a peek inside a few of the magazines and then feature highlights of the others. Just email me at and I will post pictures, headlines and price of any copy that you want to see in detail.
There is nothing glossy about these magazines they were printed on matt, rather soft paper.
All the magazines are for sale at $12 or less depending on age and condition.

I'll try and give a good description of condition and contents but of course some of them are 60 years old and so like the rest of us are getting a little tatty round the edges.

Thanks to all those ladies of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's who carefully saved their "weekly" for us to enjoy!

The New Zealand Woman's Weekly available editions:
August 12th 1954 - John Crichton's designs with a difference
January 5th 1956 - A japanese business girl becomes a New Zealand housewife
August 20th 1956 - Blouses for all occasions

October 14th 1957 original cost 6d
Surer shopping audio equipment
Facts about the kiwi
Borneo people
Knit a sailor-look twin set and a toddler cardigan
The telephone may yet be a blessing
Colour ads for Dulux, Crown, Childswear, Hylite, laminex, cornflakes
NZ Caterer, Mrs Violet Rennie, looks at American food
Bob Pearson's diary - Headstrong girls
Spine tatty but intact, pages good condition

June 30th 1958 original cost 6d
The Men Women Dream about - Prince Philip and Frank Sinatra to name two
Lovely winter fashions, keeping attractive while waiting for baby to arrive
Elsa Maxwell's party secrets gleaned from celebrities, eg. Cole Porter's kedgeree
Colour ads for Hudson's chippies, Norvic shoes, Dulux, Bananas, Bird's Eye
Knit a waisted sweater or Crochet baby bootees
Handy home hints, recipes including rhubarb ream pie
Wacky weddings and loads of other articles
Birthday verses, Noddy cartoon,
All pages there, loose front page and foxing, no tears, bent corners

December 4th 1962 - Family from America brought ceramic skill to Dargaville, The Boyd Family

February 4th 1963 - Waitangi prepares for the Royal Visit (in colour)
September 3rd 1962 - How to track down New Zealand's eligible bachelors
January 14th 1963 - Christchurch girl, Helen Fountain, explored the Holy Land
January 28th 1963 - Prince Philip - why they call him "The Tiger of the Palace"
July 1st 1963 - Vicar on lonely Chatham Islands used motorcycle visiting parish
July 15th 1963 - Connie Francis discusses dating

August 19th 1963 original price 6d
The customer is always right - or would be if given help, courtesy and friendliness
The changing picture of Princess Margaret
Pastels will soon brighten Springtime scene
Over the teacups - readers letters
Mother's play is modelling in clay
Colour ads for holeproof swim suits, Huttons, cutex, fiesta bleach
Name written in red pencil on front, a couple of pages have lost pieces torn off

September 2 1963 - Where there's a meeow there's money
September 9th 1963 - We take a look at Levin
September 16th 1963 - Eartha Kitt, stage success and loving mother
September 10th 1963 - Wedding Day disasters
September 23rd 1963 - How to bring the modern look to your kitchen (in colour)

October 7th 1963 original price 6d
Crochet a poodle and other toys in time for Christmas
Knit a small girls cardigan, Christmas crib and lots of toys, crochet a star flower coffe cloth
How to look as good as the Lord intended
Main ambition is to tour country painting
Mannish, Spanish, Sailorish - hats this summer
Colour ads for Rodd, Greggs, Surf, Markey Tread, Zip hair dryer
At home with Leslie Carron
Front page coming loose from staples, good condition 134 pages
October 14th 1963 original cost 6d
Mission work, How to fight fair with your mate
Fashion - Bazaar - means a girl is "with it" "way out" "groovy" "dolly"
London gossip, new trends in boy's hairstyles
Pixie and teenage pages, Breeding gold fish
Let's talk it over - a debate on matters affecting the housewife
Papanui Women's coffee sessions
Knit a man's pullover, crochet a cake plate doily
Colour ads for Lux, Cutex, Watersun, Angel face, Gala, Bri Nylon,
Front page has a short tear, secure spine, all pages, good condition

February 10th 1964 - Queen Mother's story, secrets of the Castle of Mey
August 10th 1964 - Kapiti Island and 50 safety tips for your home
September 21st 1964 - Short cuts to making meringues that never fail
June 21st 1965 - How to use face cream and curlers and still look pretty
September 14th 1964 - 101 things you should know about cookery - Marguerite Patten
October 7th 1966 - Pop singer wears "go-go eyes" and "knee make up"
October 24th 1966 - What worry can do to your 55 face muscles

November 6th 1967 - From our test kitchen - food with a touch of glamour
December 29th 1969 - Diana Rigg "Why I don't believe in marriage"
January 12th 1970 - Golden hearted Wairarapa
February 23rd 1970 - Exciting ways to serve tea
January 22nd 1973 - Woman's skill produces rare glass craft-Winifred La Rue
February 26th 1973 - Liberated love and marriage
April 21st 1975 - How the Queen is facing her fifties

These are a great read, the colour adverts can be framed and display really well, use the black and white ads to validate your retro collections, and just have lots of fun reading the stories and articles.


  1. Hi Gertrude, I am interested in any colour or bw ads for food products. I really only need 300 dpi + scans so perhaps we can talk about that - in that way you make some money and still get to keep the mags to sell. I can see a few different ads in your list that I am interested in. Cheers dz

  2. Hi Darian
    Email me with your details and the kind of ads that you are interested in and I will see what I can do,

  3. My sister and i appeared as young ballerinas on the cover of a 1967 edition of the nz woman's weekly.there is a story about us inside.i would really value obtaining a copy if anybody has one.thankyou

  4. HELP!
    Hope there is some-one out there who can help Pamela! Thanks.