Tuesday 6 December 2011

Vintage Vessels... for soy candles

I am just about to send off another order for these lovely candles in vintage vessels... I sold out of many styles in the first lot before I could take photo's but wanted to tell you about them as they are so gorgeous.

Update: here they are

Soy candles are wonderful, the creamy white wax burns cleanly and they hold a fragrance so well. We have Camellia, French Vanilla and Citrus with Sage... Lavender, Rose and Lily of the Valley arriving soon... now HERE. Let me know if you have a favourite aroma and I can make a special order for you.

As soy burns at a lower temperature than traditional candles they turn into an oil when hot and so need to be in a container... and what better than lovely, interesting vintage containers!

At the moment I am using two sizes of Agee jars, odd and matching crystal glasses and chunky old tumblers but adding other interesting shapes all the time. From small "tea-light" sizes to very large Agee jars there is a style for any occasion.  The large tall jars are heavy and very stable for outside and have a cool hurricane lamp look.

The smaller ones and tumblers look great running the length of a table and the crystal glasses are perfect in clusters around the room, and very "french country" grouped on a silver platter.

Crystal vessels are lovely and sparkle for wedding tables, Agee jars add a vintage look for garden parties or picnics, quirky tumblers are fun for decorating a birthday table setting. When the candle is finished the vessel washes out cleanly in soap and water and you can then re-use it for storage or display.

I am always happy to pour special orders for your event and you can return the vessels for a refill or refund.
Contact me for any special requests or orders dgeisler@paradise.net.nz

I'll take more pictures soon... before I put them in the shop and they are gone!

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