Tuesday 26 February 2013

Simpson's Catalogue 1950-1951

Simpson's Catalogue Fall and Winter 1950 - 1951

What a joy, recently I bought a vintage Simpson's catalogue from 1950 - 1951. Quite a tome, hard backed and consisting of some 557 pages packed full of shopping of the day.

As a child I remember when the mail order catalogues arrived, what fun it was - my sister and I used to carefully go through each page and make a favourite 'pick' from every section! Painless shopping as we hardly ever bought anything.

Now, I love this Simpson's catalogue for a couple of reasons - the 1950's fashions, home wares, jewellery, fabrics and appliances are some of my favourite styles and the items pictured are a great resource for dating things that arrive at the shop... and I used to live in Toronto (no, not in the 1950's!) and so seeing the Simpson's name made me a little nostalgic.

Some nasty little person has been thoughtless enough to snip out a few pages but the remaining ones are a joy to see.

Bags of bags!

The "New York Inspired Pouch" top left...rayon bengaline bag with the handle gathered through gilt metal top - all for $2.49!

Warm and bright coats to cope with than Canadian winter.

The green all wool twill coat has a fabulous cape like collar with grey dyed lamb trim. Wide flaring skirt just yummy and all for $29.99.

What cute grown up designs for the littlies!

Quite lovely although they do look like ground crew landing a 747 with their poses.

And last but not least taffeta all the way with these designs....

Gotta go now and study the other 525 pages as I hope to use them to match up the descriptions with items in the shop on future posts, although sorry to say the prices may have increased a tad.


  1. Do you still have the green coat please

  2. Hi
    The coat is featured in the catalogue not in the shop - sorry.