Saturday 9 March 2013

I got the music in me.. well maybe not in me but in the shop!

You know the phrase "I couldn't sing to save my life", whoever first coined the phrase must have been like me.

I just can not 'hold a tune'. 
I have always been amazed at people who can, people who know what sound they are going to make when they open their mouths, and then can make that same sound the next moment or the next day.
Me, I have no idea what sound I will emit!! Now, when I am vacuuming I can belt out tracks from Evita along with Elaine Paige like my life depended on it - but switch of the backing tape and it is not a pretty sound!

So, when I bought a box full of sheet music recently my husband couldn't believe it - could be alien script for all I can tell.

But I find it fascinating and I think that the patterns the music makes is so evocative and so pretty!

Then there are the great cover pictures, titles, headings, names and composers!

I have sold some sheets to musicians or 'wanna-be' musicians as you would expect but there is also the big population of 'creative junkies' out there and they have taken music to use in a myriad of ways.

Think decoupage, think decorations, think wrapping paper... I have picked out some great ideas on my Pinterest board.

I especially like using pages for wrapping every kind of present this year - more fun than commercial paper and you can pick a phrase of title that means something special!

... and at $2 for a leaflet and up to $10 for a book - very economical!!

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