Friday 20 January 2012

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of ...WOOL !!

Wool! Boy, do I have balls of wool... a gentleman inherited his mother's workroom and she was a prolific spinner, weaver, knitter and general wool enthusiast and now I have the varied and wonderful collection. Yay! from coloured carded fleeces to home spun balls and many many commercial balls of all textures and colours.

I am a very dedicated and serious "One-dayer". That is, one day I am going to knit tea cosies and cute slippers, one day I am going to make lavender bags and pillows, one day I am going to re-make broken jewellery and of course one day I'm going to use all my broken china to make mosaics.

So I love people who get to actually complete their 'one-day' projects and make fabulous things that I only dream about. My first inclination when I saw these lovely balls of wool was to add all of it to my one-day cupboard but a serious conversation with my husband about my ability to live to be 350 and have time to use it all make me think it was better to sell it!
So here are some examples of the millions (ok, slight exaggeration) of balls for sale. Online just email me at or from the shop 3 days 10am - 5pm Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Prices range from $1 - $4 for a ball.

Patons Zhivago 50gm
Colour 4442 Lot 732296+
50% tencil 505 Acrylic
4mm needles
8 Balls
Home Solutions  Fashion
Fancy Knitting Feather yarn
100% Polyester
3 Balls
Shepherd Colour Fusion 8 ply
Pure New Wool

Autumn Tints shade 1001 - 3 Balls

Multi Pastels shade 1003 - 1 Ball

Charcoal Wines shade 1005 - 4 Balls
Shepherd Glen Mist 8 ply Crepe Pure New Wool 50gms
Shade 3958
1 Ball

Naturally Karen M Luxury Double Knit 50gms
50% NZ Wool, 50% NZ Mohair
Shade 976 - 4 Balls
Shade  974 (slightly darker) - 1 Ball
Have you ever tried googling - knitting projects for one ball of wool, just one website had 365 items with free patterns!

Lots of balls of unwrapped wools in lovely natural browns and creams. There are a variety of colour tones and volumes in each tone.
Pampas Linen Look by Wendy 50gms
65% Cotton 35% Wool
Colour 583
1 Ball
Thorobred Scheepjeswol 
Linnen De Luxe 50gms
50% Linen, 50% Acrylic
Shade 304
15 Balls

Thorobred Scheepjeswol Linnen Brilliant 50gms
42% Cotton, 39% Viscose, 19% Linen
Shade 7574
6 Balls 
David Crew mahair Velour 12 ply
49% viscose, 38% mohair, 10% acrylic, 30% polyester
Shade white
1 Ball

David Crew French Tweed Mohair 50gms
44% Mohair, 41% Acrylic, 15% Wool
Shade 02
10mm needles
2 Balls

Loads of odds in blue tones.

Some small volumes and some colours and textures where there is enough for an elephant sweater!

A friend told me this was "carpet wool" it is quite rough and thick so I think they would be right. 

It would however make good wearing carpet slippers eh?

There is a lot of it - in quite a few 'sensible' colours, ask me if you want to know more.

All my own work!
Emu Cachet Mohair 50gms
Colour 3422
2 Balls

Crucci Cameo 25gms
40% Mohair 40 Viscose 16% wool, 4% nylon
Shade 19 Apricot - 1 Ball
Use wonderful textured odd balls to add a lovely trim to the edges of a pattern.
Patons Mohair Rich Loopy 50gms
83% Mohair 17% Acrylic
Colour 4708 Lot 740742
1 Ball

Di Cini Loopee 40gms
95%   Wool, 5% Nylon
Tortoise Shade 10
3 Balls
Thorobred Kashmir Mohair 50gms
80 Wool 20% Mohair
Blackberry shade 1884 Lot 2477
5 1/2 mm needles
3 Balls
Crucci Spring Intarsi 50gms
95% Acrylic 5% Nylon
Shade 0711
6 Balls

Knitting or crocheting little squares to stitch into a cosy retro blanket is SOOO therapeutic... on the train, during a 15 mins chill down, while watching TV any time really, it is a joy!

Crucci Colourtwist 50gms
100% Pure New Wool
Berkley shade 12701 Batch 2631
4mm needles
2 Balls

Crucci Curl 50gms
69% Wool, 23% Acrylic, 8% Nylon
Foo shade 94693
1 Ball
Thorobred Scheepjeswool
Fashion Mohair 50gms
40% Viscose, 28% Acrylic, 15% Cotton, 12% Nylon, 5% Mohair
Shade 7945
1 Ball

Lots and lots of odd balls in pink shades

Fashion Fancy
Knitting Yarn 50gms
Chenille 100%  Polyester
1 Ball

Now something for HIM and for HER

I know... how traditional - baby boy
...and baby girl

Panda Disco 8 ply 20gms
100% Acrylic
Blue colour 102
13 Balls
Pink Colour 104
5 Balls
 Sean Sheep Wooloomooloo 50gms
Wild Rose
3 Balls
2 Balls
New Fashion Tweed Triple Knitting 50gms
40% Wool, 55% Acrylic, 5% Nylon
Shade 7084
2 Balls
DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous 50gms
4% Silk, 96% Acrylic
Colour  4202
2 Balls

Think fingerless gloves for winter, think warm slippers, think tea cosy, think baby presents, think decorations, think knitted cushions, just think what you could create.

Willie Weaver Brished Wool Special 50gms
60% Woll,40% Acrylic
babt Blue shade 12
6 Balls
Wendy Amalfi 25gms
60% Acrylic 30% Mohair 5% Cotton
Shade 110
1 Ball
Thorobred Scheepjeswol Cotton Fantasie 50gms
100% cotton
Colour Dusty Blue 442
12 Balls
Colour Terracotta red 453
1 Ball

Thorobred Scheepjeswol Granada 50gms
100% Cotton
Colour Blue 45 - 2 Balls
Dusty Blue 559 - 3 Balls
Colour Terracotta 553 - 2 Balls
DMC Traditions 100% Mercerized Crochet Cotton 56 gms
100% Cotton
Colour (Art) 145
Size 10
3 Balls

My friend goes to a Stitch and Bitch group and so maybe after this post I'll get invited along!


Carded fleeces in a variety of colours and amounts. Some lovely natural browns too.

I have to admit I actually wouldn't know what to do with these but I am sure you spinners, felters and smart crafters have loads of ideas!

I haven't even got through half of the stash and so may add pictures as I come across different types.

Prices start at $1 a ball and there are no balls over $4!!

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks


  1. These look great, Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  2. HELP!! I am in desperate search for Patons Mohair Rich Loopy Wool in shade 4707, Dye Lot 30601. Can you tell me if it is still available & if so how I can get some please? I have 4 balls but need more only just starting a scarf with it having had the wool for years & realised not enough.

  3. Thanks for your comment - sorry I don't have any more wool in stock. All sold! Sorry.