Thursday 13 December 2012

Twelve weeks 'fore Christmas - the Ninth week is here... and gone!

On the Ninth week 'fore Christmas my true love sent to me
Nine Crafty Frames

Yes, my good intentions of seeing this little riddle through to the end hit a glitch - I was a little sick and had to take to my bed for a while and then I lost the thread. But... I'm back now and as Magnus Magnusson (for those over a certain age) would say "I've started, so I will finish". Or my mother would say "You've started this so you will finish it!"

Nine crafty frames...
And, it just happens that this week at the shop I seem to have been inundated with vintage picture frames - yes just the frames no old masters here!

So of course I thought they would make cool notice boards, even re-frame an old favourite and then from a little search of all things crafty and DIY I found some great ideas there are out there - see them on my Pinterest Board

These frames are various sizes, most wooden, some painted, some lovely wide oak, some deep, others delicate.

There are some amazingly creative people out there, and maybe they will inspire other ideas! At the moment they sit in a pile just waiting to be re-made and re-designed.

OK, the next few weeks of the jingle are going to come fast and furious just you wait, Christmas will be here before you know it!

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