Wednesday 15 August 2012

Introducing wonderful customer... Alice

Meet Alice!

Not only a lovely customer but also an accomplished baker and a neighbour - well almost, we live in the same town!
Alice is a baker... and a great baker, you may have seen her meteoric rise to the finalists in the New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker TV series.

You can read all about it and her very exciting new venture on her blog Alice in Bakingland.

But I'm going to tell you about her new venture too... she is writing a cookbook, how cool is that!

Now, when my sister got married in Martinborough recently we used vintage china and serving ware for the reception and see how brilliant it looked.

So, I am going to raid all the shelves and cupboards and find fabulous china, silver, crystal and glass to tempt Alice when styling her wonderful creations.

Can't wait!! Mmm - now I wonder if there are ever any leftovers from all those goodies she makes...

Just a little gorgeous temptation a beautiful hand painted plate from Grainger china.

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