Monday 6 February 2012

Be my Valentine... or at least like me a little!

Yes, it's almost Valentine's Day and all the romance that the day brings and it got me to thinking about hearts and roses.

Mind you, this is not from personal experience - red roses were a bit far and few between in my romantic past! The total fear of rejection and humiliation has ruined many a mid February for me so I have usually been found hibernating on February 14th.

However, the world needs more love and lovers, so this post is in tribute to all the romantics out there.

Lets start with the perfect symbol!

Hearts and roses together with rhinestones - how cool is that!
This gorgeous brooch says it all.


Until a few weeks ago I had not heard of the idea of a "proposal ring" - the token ring that 'one' gives to 'another' at the point of proposal, as they are too cheap to buy a real ring in case the answer is "no thanks". 

Oh no, sorry that isn't it.

It is a  token ring given so that the acceptee gets to choose their own ring and make sure they get a really big cool one. Anyway, what about this beauty for a very classy proposal ring - actually made as a brooch, it stands 6cms tall!

Could set unreasonable expectations though so beware. 

For a little more restrained token - how about this little bunch of goldtone roses - lasts a lot longer than real ones!


Next, an edgy little filigree brooch with copper heart  in centre as a keep sake. Nothing really sentimental or mushy about this one - but it is a heart in there, so message received.

Now for the traditionalist and the china lover...the recipient would probably have to be over 45 to fully appreciate this on Valentine's Day, but hey, we may have Mothers, Aunts and Grandmothers we love!

A sweet green and white heart shaped dish from Wedgwood
Marked Wedgwood Made in England 1955 with an X and an FB

Looks like Queen Boudica or even, Boadicea and her chariot, could be could be great for the gusty woman in your life.

Now some people my not understand your logic if you suggest that roses on Feb 14th are a real financial rip off and you give them his book instead. 

However, it is full of gorgeous pictures of old roses that will last a lifetime and is a lovely old look at.

Personally, I'd truly appreciate that sentiment, as long as it came with a ribbon and an enormous box of chocolates!


A sweetie for your sweetie, a little amber heart pendant.
Very cute and vintage looking - in fact I think I had one of these when I was quite young. OK yes, I probably bought mine myself but why not, eh?. 

A silver heart pendant or a small rose brooch can be used to:
 - tie to gift
 - slip on a ribbon and leave on a pillow
 - attach a romantic message and leave in a purse to be found later in the day
 - clip on a key ring as a surprise
 - add to the collar of clothing

... oh dear I have to stop now I feel a bit queezy!

Happy Valentines Day on February 14th to all those brave and wonderful lovers and wanna-be lovers out there.

And, at the risk of rejection and humiliation - be my Valentine - or at least like me please!

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