Thursday 21 October 2010

Necessity may be the mother of invention but re-invention is just fun!

I am often surprised to find out the uses that customers find for vintage items. It is wonderful to see things that appear to have no modern equivalent, re-invented into something interesting and useful, here are some ideas - I'd love to hear more

 Originally: Sugar cube tongs Price range $12 - 30

Reinvented to:
 - olive tongs
 - asparagus serving tongs
 - tea bag remover
 - pickle servers
 - just to have an excuse to buy sugar cubes and enjoy as they are so pretty and a reminder of a past time
 - and ...

Originally: buttons for fastening clothes Price range 10c - $10

 - "Granny's Button Tin" keep the kids engaged
 - display, store in a large glass jar for display
 - replace the buttons on new clothes for a unique look
 - add button designs as decoration on a new outfit
 - handmade unique jewellery items
 - add buttons to your quilts, bags, wellington boots, cards, cushions or any handiwork project
 - and ...

Original: Fish knives Price range $12 - $22

 - serving soft cheese
 - cake, cheesecake or gateau knife
 - just on the dining table to add a gorgeous sense of elegance to a modern cutlery set
 - butter knife
 - pate server
 - an excuse to try a new fish recipe and invite friends over for a fun dinner
 - and ...

Originally: Wooden cotton reels for cotton Price range $1 - $5

 - great display for sewing boxes/areas
 - add four round top nails and make a french knitting set
 - make a 'tractor' or a 'tank' with a match, elastic band and piece of candle
 - pin cushion base, creative handicraft dolls
 - wheels on craft projects
 - an excuse to just sit and enjoy the feel to balance the ugly plastic ones
 - and...

Originally: Women's magazines Price range $1 - $5

 - re-read and relive your youth, or your mother's youth and be grateful we no longer wear crochet dresses
 - frame the old advertisements and pictures
 - use interesting articles to wrap gifts or make gift cards
 - cut up and make birthday bunting
 - give as a gift to a special friend from the era
 - an excuse to make a cup of tea and just sit a while browsing the pages
 - and ...

Originally: egg cups of all shapes and sizes Price range - $2 - $35

 - salt cellar for table or kitchen
 - personal salt cellar for each person at special dinner party
 - posy pot
 - mustard or other pickle server
 - olive pip holder
 - votive candle holder
 - an excuse to have boiled eggs and soldiers on a leisurely weekend breakfast with a silver spoon and white cotton napkin, yummy
 - and more....

Originally: Cup and Saucer for tea Price range $12 - $125

 - chocolate mousse cup
 - candle holder
 - an excuse to invite friends over for a lovely long afternoon tea and gossip
 - odd cups saucers and plates matched up with similar to create married sets or others for interesting harlequin sets
 - and more...

Originally: champagne glass Price range $5 - $15

 - chocolate mousse, ice cream, or other dessert serving glass
 - floating flowers in a row as table decorations
 - votive candle holders
 - for serving home made preserves
 - cake plate stand used upside down as the stand
 - and excuse to buy champagne, turn down the lights, curl up and sip and enjoy
 - and more...

Originally: linen items Price range $5 - $55

 - embellishments for bags, purses, cards and handicraft
 - making decorative quilts, wall hangings, patchwork, frame lace
 - trim for clothes,
 - re-make into pin cushions, lavender bags, cushions
 - an excuse to take time out for your creative side and play with trims
 - and more...

Originally: Broken china - throw away? Price range 10c - $3

 - great for use around puppies and small children, no stress!
 - garden ornaments, displays
 - mosaic tiles, pots and other items
 - jewellery, your favourite pieces made into brooches, pendants
 - display hang on walls
 - and more...

More to come... send me your great ideas.

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