Wednesday 2 April 2014

Not just for preserving the harvest...

Think jams and chutneys are automatically you think of mason jars - strong glass jars with metal screw caps that are made to hermetically seal to protect your preserves.

Vintage preserving jars are now sought after for more than jam, they are frequently seen as candle holders, kitchen storage jars, collectables storage and even light shades and cocktail glasses!

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Lovely large Atlas Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858 embossed on front

A whopping 21.5cms tall

A smaller version of the Atlas mason jar with no date

Atlas Mason with a circle in centre 16.5cms 
These little guys have a different closure - "the wire flip over" seal and glass lid. Very cute too!

 Ball mason jars make up a lot of the jars you see in the market. USA made.

This Ball mason with a light green tone has 4 and F impressed on base
16cms tall

A later version of the Ball mason jar shows  "genuine sculptured glass" made in the USA on the base and has a handy measure on the side and a lot more embellishment fruit basket.

This lovely large Mason's brand is in a square embossed pattern on front.

it is 21.5cms tall

A shorter Mason's one is 17cms and comes with a metal and "genuine porcelain lined cap".

Now, onto New Zealand made jars, the Agee jar.

This large Agee Queen is18.5cms

The smaller one is 14cms and is complete with the wired clip over glass lidded seal.

This simple Agee jam jar has the fold over lip requiring a paper or plastic seal.

At 13.5cms tall it is useful for lots of storage needs and a nice tidy size for a flower posy vase.

This is the workhorse in preserving kitchens everywhere in New Zealand the Agee Utility jar.

It is 16.5cms and sealing bands can still be purchased but this vintage box is fun to have on display!

Plenty available for your wedding tables or events, makes great hanging or table flower vases!

My favourite jars are these small chunky and solid ones with attitude...the small Agee Special

9.5cms tall

The tall ones are also extra "solid" at  17cms

It was believed that if light was excluded from preserved fruits they would last longer, hence the use of amber brown glass in this Agree Special 17cms.

I love the name of this Dominion jar the "Wide Mouth" also shows wording that is was "Made in the British Empire".

The glass is very bubbled and a lovely light blue tone.

So, is it time to make some picnic table candles, refresh your kitchen storage system and use some of these lovelies for your dry goods, time to review your sewing room and fill some with buttons and cottons to get organised or just add one to your collection of flower vases for those big fresh cottage garden posies!

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  1. YES! I do hire Agee jars for weddings and events so that you can make your special arrangements, fill them with candies, hang them in trees or fill them with flowers - contact me for details.

  2. Hi There, I have just acquired a bunch of the Agee jam jar style jars and wondering if you know of what seals these take? I cant seem to find the name of the original or a modern substitute?

    1. Hi Rochelle - I know the ones at our local store work but cant remember the name so will pop in tomorrow and have a look, thanks Daphne

  3. Hi Rochelle - I know the ones at our local store work but cant remember the name so will pop in tomorrow and have a look, thanks Daphne