Thursday 14 May 2015

It's so de stressing to be distressing...

Yes - all these pictures are my own work.. and some are still works in progress. 
Kylie from Vintage Vagabond is sharing space in the shop beginning in June and last week in reply to my complaining how ugly an old cabinet was, simple said "paint it!"
Drawers salvaged from a dressing table
make lovely sweet treasure drawers in
distressed antique white colour.

I went to a fundraiser at the local Hospice a couple of years ago - they had an Annie Sloane disciple raving about the joys of painting and distressing furniture. She was a total addict and sounded like she had attacked everything in her home, and she was so happy! 

Grey distressed steps now useful as a mini book case
or small shelf unit.

I came away with mixed feelings.. really excited to give it a go and yet, was I going to dive into the next skip I saw for an old door I could paint and sand and put behind my bed in the name of a shabby chic headboard, how naff.. I think not!

While I ventured over the hill to Fenwick Vintages in Raumati and bought my first test pots of "Antique White" and "French Grey" a few weeks later, they sat on the shelf for 18 months unopened. I wasn't inspired and there wasn't really enough paint to transform anything bigger than a match box! Actually the wine table was completed with one pot.
French grey drinks table
works well for a lamp

Shocked at the price to get more paint, I googled recipes for alternative chalk paint recipes to find there is no shortage of sites out there, (some 5 years old... no-one said I was cutting edge) giving their favourite recipes for mixing up plaster-of-paris or calcium-carbonate concoctions. 

My favourite so far - now proudly featured in the shop

SalvagedInspirations is my favourite site and recommends calcium carbonate over plaster-of-paris. 

Now, it's not that easy to source calcium carbonate in Martinborough and so a few months ago my trusted adventurer friend Chris brought over a table and we shared a $2 bag of plaster-of-paris, Perfect for the first foray! 

Must say she hasn't been quite as prolific, but has achieved fine quality!

Yesterday, I began again in earnest...with half full pots of discarded "Spanish white" from years ago and a pot of grey tint colour at the  ready, I lined up number of tables, chairs, book cases and little drawers, ready to be given their shabby chic make over.

First off white coat on a rather
tatty chair gives it a new life

And now to consider seat cover

painting... sanding.... painting...!

...and it was brilliant, what a lovely de-stressing activity!!

My first bag of calcium carbonate arrived today from Christchurch, and while I'm no Kirsty Allsopp, I can't wait for a another "de stressing day" to refine my skills.

I had so much fun painting, sanding, distressing, waxing, painting again... I'm not touching that lovely 1950's oak, or native rewarewa, but I am totally hooked on this painting transformation lark!

Come on into the shop if you are in Martinborough and share your own stories... 

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