Friday 1 October 2010

Rainy day - sunny china

Another rainy day in Martinborough - yet another after what seems like a long rainy winter and a rainy spring with a few sunny days thrown in to tempt us about what is to come...sunny summer soon to be here!

So... to keep things bright and cheerful the shop now has a sunshine oozing from the 'dining room'.
The "nobody-sleeps-at-my-dinner-party" plates are Swiss and gorgeous,just the thing to bring your all white dinner set to life. They also look great in a mix and match with your bright Crown Lynn pieces.

Suisse Langenthal Dinner plate
With a history of over 100 years, Suisse Langenthal is by far the most well-known porcelain brand in Switzerland, based in the town of Langenthal.
Their virtually indestructible decorations are designed by renowned artists and fired into the glaze at very high temperatures to create long-lasting beauty.

$22 each (6 available)
 Amber glasses and tumblers shout summer sunshine and retro summers at the bach.

These are ribbed in a swag design and stand 8.5cms tall.

Adding a small candle and lining the glasses along the table gives a lovely soft glow to the evening dining

$9 each (4 available)

Unmarked china
Large chunky white squared tea set, sadly the milk jug has a crack, but it all has such yummy proportions and the plain teapot would go well with any patterned white-based china.
Little face masks form the handles on the lidded sugar.
$40 teapot
$18 lidded sugar bowl

Salt cellar with a difference...

This little white chicken is actually a china egg cup but works brilliantly as a fun salt cellar to add a little humour to the table

Corning Ware Corning NY USA
Corning ware enamel 6 cup tea pot

Retro style with a lovely summer fruits pattern
$25 (2 available)

Matching stove top coffee percolator pot for 6  $65

Crisp white cotton napkins - the perfect finishing touch

Matched with a silver napkin ring or make your own from fun ribbon and bows.

$7 each

If you want to know more about any of these items or check if we have your special pattern or item in stock email

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