Friday 15 October 2010

A new look in print...

We all want a new look once in a while....this year the big fence at the front of the shop has come down, a lavender hedge has been planted ready for the new year, at the moment the apple blossom, my old trusty "house maids" lavender and wagga wagga in the garden are looking great. I believe it is called housemaids lavender as the maids would throw the sheets over the lavender to dry and bring it in smelling great.

So time to shout about it....

Every business needs a nice glossy leaflet to give away to customers so that they remember the shop and tell their friends... or so I am told!

Yes... we now have our own glossy leaflet - I love them as they encapsulate the feel of the shop.

China, crystal, cutlery, small items of furniture, silver plate, fun toys. costume jewellery, bags, fashion...and that is just one small corner.

The champagne is my aspirational feature!

They are also pretty good as for shopping lists, reminders or book marks.

Store open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am -5pm


Mobile: 021-611-035

Thanks to Sarah at Printstop in Wellington for her help.

Big trellis fence - now you see it.... you don't, but you can see the shop!!

Lavender, "Pacific Blue" has been planted round the edge of the garden and I cant wait to see it bloom - look out for pictures. For more on lavender you must see In addition to the selling plants like the ones I bought, Richard and Dinah have all kinds of lavender products for sale and a fabulous garden. 

OK... five years of my husband telling me it was a good idea to remove the fence, I now think it was a BRILLIANT idea. Sometimes, he just might know what he is talking about, maybe I should listen more!
Now, on to the painting job.

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