Monday 22 October 2012

Twelve weeks 'fore Christmas - the Tenth week is here!

On the Tenth week 'fore Christmas my true love sent to me
Twelve Baubles Sparkling
Eleven Kitchen Gadgets
Ten Bells a' Ringing
Bells and Christmas - jingle bells, sleigh bells, Church bells, and lovely loud dangly bells on Christmas wreaths and decorations. One day I'd like to hear real sleigh bells! The season and bells go so well together. Bells are traditionally used to keep away evil things... but at Christmas they celebrate the beginning of a good thing. So ring 'em out loud!

Here is a little china BELL decorated with a sweet snowy Christmas theme. Kitsch or quaint depending on your viewpoint. No makers mark but great for the seasonal decorations.

Royal Doulton made this quality, delicate china BELL decorated with pink flowers.
It is the Mystic Dawn pattern H 5103 (c) 1983. Perfect for those holidays when you want to stay in bed and have people fuss around after you - just ring the bell and they'll come running. Yeah right!

Now for something a little different - a pair of crystal dumb BELLS
These little guys are actually knife rests. Stop those turkey carvers messing up the tablecloth!

While you may not use knife rests most of the year - what a special way of making the Christmas table look elegant and sparkly!

A bit less elegant but familiar and traditional, this basket weave Christmas BELL decoration group.
I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet, the words repeat
Of peace on Earth, goodwill to men!
Thanks to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Bell decorations come in all sizes colours and materials. Lots of vintage decorations in the shop - and more arriving each week up to Christmas - hang on the tree, on a door knob, around a gift, as a hostess gift. Vintage decorations are very versatile and fun.

This is my favourite Royal Doulton pattern of all times - the Blue BELL gatherers, probably because I remember walking through the bluebell woods in my childhood, and picking them from the hedgerows.
This plate is 26.5 cms across and so makes a lovely wall plate or could be used to serve yummy treats.

I can't write about bells without showing the little brass people BELLS. These are just the best... they ring loud and true and have such lovely personalities.

Be they, Dutch children, Welsh ladies - (must be Welsh, with that hat eh?) or crinoline ladies they are all pretty cool. I do have an embarrassing number of styles of these in the shop as I like them.

This Royal Albert pattern is Heather BELL, a delicate blue flower with a grey leaf.

One of many Royal Albert patterns available

What better time than Christmas to stop and relax with a 'nice cup of tea' from a lovely china tea set. They make fabulous gifts too.

From the Oxford Book of Carols the BELL Carol. You were all expecting Jingle Bells eh? Sorry it's not in this book!

The Oxford Book of Carols sounds like it should be comprehensive enough for most people... with over 200 carols with music.
The preface says "Carols are songs with a religious impulse that are simple, hilarious (?? really) popular and modern. Well, it was published in 1954 humour may have evolved since then!
So don't be left wanting at the piano this Christmas here is a tome that will see you through the pickiest of carollers.

I wonder what percentage of New Zealand homes has some BELLefiore china.
 I think it looks like one of the most festive patterns around with the deep red and purples and green trim.
It could have been made for Christmas! We have individual pieces for sale from plates to little pots.

Forget TV, LED, LCD, HD, HGV or whatever, this Christmas gather round and listen to the Queen's message on a crackly old bakelite radio. You won't mind what she says as it'll just sound great.

BELL made this one and it works! but even if it didn't, isn't it a great ornament.
I have radios that work and don't work - you can tell by the amount of dust on the valve thingys which are which!

OK, So not all the 10 BELLS were ringing but they do ring out for Christmas in their own way don't they?

All the above items and their buddies are available in the shop or if I get my act together this week in VintageTreasure my on-line shop. Email me for more info on any of the things.

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