Tuesday 9 November 2010

Vintage Costume Jewellery - Signed Trifari

Trifari Jewellery began production in 1918 and while it has changed hands a few times, it continues to make jewellery today through the Liz Claiborne group, but it is manufactured outside of the USA.
Various partners joined and left the Trifari brothers who established the company and the company changed names in the early years. Then in the late 1930's they began a major sales campaign "Jewels by Trifari" which was driven by their top designer Alfred Philippe. In the 1940's they patented their own gold and silver plating process the quality of which can be seen by the good condition of some of the older pieces.
Trifari created the 'jelly-belly' range of animals and fish which have a lucite belly. Others copied this with coloured stones.
Mrs Eisenhower wore Trifari pearls in 1953 which led to a wide range of Trifari pearl jewellery being sold in the 1950's and 1960's.
Trifari signed their jewellery with a number of different marks usually variations of using their name and a crown over the T.
They were popular and made lots of jewellery and so this is one of the designers that is easier to find and more affordable to wear and enjoy.
Let me know if you are looking for a special piece and I can email more ideas gertrudesnyder@vintagetreasure.co.nz

Signed Trifari
Gold tone brooch
The twig feature is connected by a rivet and moves slightly
Matt leaves and shiny twigs
C locking clasp
7cms long
Natural beauty

Signed Trifari
Gold tone and faux pearl brooch
The pearl feature has some depth to it standing raised form the textured wreath
Paste set
C locking clasp
4cms across

Oozes subtle 50's

Signed Trifari
Gold tone with white and turquoise stones dragonfly brooch
Paste set
C locking clasp
6cms tail to wing

Fly away home
$60 SOLD

Signed Trifari Pat Pend
Goldtone pearl and crystal stones in a wreath design
Paste set
C locking clasp
4.5cms across

Classic Trifari

Check back later - more to come

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