Thursday 15 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho...1950's Christmas decorations

I am always amazed when some-one looks into the back of a warehouse and finds boxes of things long forgotten... and we get to see "new" old stuff! Well, these vintage decorations are fresh, crisp and all boxed up like new. Do you remember the almost paper thin glass Christmas tree decorations with sparkly concave designs or crusty white patterns.. here are some examples to remind you

It's lovely to add some cosy nostalgia to our lives and when better than at Christmas.

These and other designs are now on sale for $4 - $6 each, or buy a mixed box of 6 large ones for $25. A box of 8 mixed smaller ones plus a tree topper for $25.

Add some colour to your tree
Give a hostess gift
Add them to a bowl for the table
Pop them in as a stocking stuffer
Tie them onto gifts for special gift wrapping
Hang them in the window

Now these are light as a feather and survive a short fall on carpet but will shatter if dropped on a hard surface so no modern plastic bouncing balls going on here, but with care they will last for years.

They come on two sizes, and mixed boxes of bright red, gold, blue, green and blue.
The boxes of smaller ones also has a gold tree topper included.

They could easily last another 50 years... but remember they don't bounce!

Merry Christmas....

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