Friday 13 August 2010

What I have learned about "Blogging" and searching

To those of you who I have emailed, telephoned, hounded or talked to with the exciting news of my blog and have then faithfully searched google or whatever to find it - sorrrrry...
What a nut!
A nut...
It seems that unless you are a famous blogger the search engines don't know you exist until you get some traffic which may take a few weeks. So, shoppers, friends and family unite, the only way to read my blog is to log into it and then keep track of it as a follower or a direct link to the site. So, give anyone who may be even the slightest bit interested the link, not just the name.
Until of course I become a famous Purveyor of Vintage Treasure, and then it will magically appear when you search vintage, antiques or treasure or amazing bargains or Martinborough or whatever.
Becoming a follower involves setting up a Google sign in and password - all very painless.
Remember, you don't receive email notifications of posts - just have to check in once on a while.
So, thanks to everyone who has tried and failed please keep trying!
In the meantime I am also updating my web page with additional fabulous items for you to peruse so more to come!

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  1. good summary of the trials of a blogger. what a techie you are. I like the temptations too.