Saturday 21 August 2010

Tea Time

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all stop and take time to have afternoon tea each day on our own or with selected friends - so much less hurried and frantic than meeting for a coffee. Coffee is fast... if you sip it too slow it is cold and horrid by the time you reach the bottom of the cup. There is nothing relaxing about coffee - it is a stimulant it gets you excited and ready for the day's activities - so, it should only be drunk in the morning!!

Which is why I believe that morning coffee and afternoon tea should never be confused!

Afternoon tea is calming, relaxing and should be taken in elegant surroundings with beautiful china. Of course 'at home' is always a choice setting.

There are so many options for china - matching sets of cup saucer and plate or married sets made to blend or the quirky harlequin sets from mixed producers. All fine china manufacturers have trios to admire and we have a great selection of patterns and prices.

Bone china from Royal Albert, Aynsley, Poole, Doulton, Royal Vale, Hammersley and many more are available - email or call for more details to start or add to your collection.

If you want to really celebrate then look at the lovely silver plate three tier cake stand - aaah perfect for all the goodies.

And of course gorgeous little matching teaspoons... just a sample of those available in the shop.
If you don't have your own sets of china, buy some today or....check out a fabulous idea to bring Afternoon Tea to the office or home  for Vintage Tea Partied delivered to you - brilliant idea Katrina!

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