Wednesday 1 September 2010

Royal Doulton little things

Some days you just need a little something to brighten your life - and that is what happened to me when I came across all these lovely items from Doulton, each one is so cute they just made me smile.
They couldn't be more varied in style, colours and use and they would easily fit a very small corner of a collectors cabinet yet still make quite a statement.
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Doulton Lambeth miniature vase
This little vase is just 11.5cms tall and 5cms across.
It has Doulton Lambeth England impressed markings with the number 879 and le.
The potters mark RH I believe would be for Rosina Harris
Lovely blue relief pattern with green tones on neck and brown tones on fluted lip

Royal Doulton miniature vase
Blues creams and browns relief pattern
Marked with the standard impressed mark with no crown or lion
Impressed 2193 and le
Potters initials LR
9.5cms x 7cms

Royal Doulton miniature jug
Green Royal Doulton marking
Most delightful tiny jug at 5cms tall
Hand painted roses, pansies and blue flowers

Royal Doulton miniature pot
Hand painted
This lovely little pot has roses all over with a basket of roses on one side and a dove and what looks like a quiver full of arrows on the other
5cms tall and 5.5cms across
Showing the standard Royal Doulton marking
Some wear to the gilding around the top edge
Royal Doulton miniature two handled pot
Hand painted
Small bunches of roses, pansies and 'a blue flower' forget-me-nots?
5cms tall and 5.5cms across
Showing the Royal Doulton markings

Royal Doulton miniature orange lustre pot
The most amazing deep orange colour with a light lustre
Standing 10cms tall and 6.5cms across
Has the full Royal Doulton markings dates to probably 1930's

Royal Doulton miniature orange lustre pot
Deep luscious orange
Measures 9cms tall and 7cms across
One side is more matt due probably to sitting in the sunshine for too long
Has the full Royal Doulton markings lion with no crown 1923 - 1927
Royal Doulton miniature green lustre pot
Beautiful deep green lustre colour
Black Royal Doulton mark on base
Stands 13cms tall and 6cms across the widest part
Has a small scratch on one side

Royal Doulton yellow lustre miniature vase
Green Royal Doulton mark
Stands 10.5cms x 6cms
A lovely creamy yellow lustre colour

Royal Doulton
Full Royal Doulton green marking and impressed number 8093B
Lovely matt apple art deco green (deeper green than photo, sorry)
Stands 7.5cms tall and 7.5cms across the top

Royal Doulton Character jug The London Bobby D 6763
Hand made and hand decorated
Small size standing 7.5cms tall
Marked 1985 Royal Doulton
Has a thin sliver chip off the base 1.8cms long still stands solid and not visible on display

Royal Doulton character jug The Guardsman D 6772
Hand made and hand decorated
Red tunic and black bearskin hat
Small size standing 7.5cms tall
Marked 1986 Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton character jug D 6233
Pink tunic and handle
Handle has the 'ER' cipher
Marked with the black standard Doulton mark and Doulton and Co Ltd.
Small size standing 8cms tall (3.5 inches size)

Royal Doulton character jug Beefeater
Mini size 5.5cms tall (2.5 inches)
Marked with the standard green Royal Doulton marking and the letter A
Pink tunic and handle

Royal Doulton character jug Beefeater D 6251
Hand made and hand decorated
Scarlett Red tunic and handle
Mini size standing 6cms tall (2.5inches size)
Marked Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd 1946

Royal Doulton character jug Punch and Judy Man D 6595
This is the mini size at 7cms (2.5inches size)
Green jacket and yellow neckerchief

Royal Doulton character jug Gladiator D 6556
Green Royal Doulton marking and Doulton and Co Limited
The mini size at 6.5cms (2.5inches size)
Brown helmet and grey tunic

Royal Doulton character jug Beefeater D6806
Issued in 1988 for the RDICC (Royal Doulton International Collectors Club)
The tiny size at just 3.5cms (1.5inches size)

Royal Doulton miniature violet flask
Marked with the impressed Royal Doulton mark
Just 6cms tall and 5.5cms across
Brown on the base and a lovely green and blue relief pattern on the body and neck
The cork is still in this flask bottle which I believe would have been filled with violet perfume

 Royal Doulton miniature violets flask
Royal Doulton impressed mark
Stands 6cms tall and 5.5cms across
Brown base with cream medallions, still has the foil 'violette' label on the brown body
Cork is still in the bottle

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